Julius: UV Phone Sanitiser and Wireless Charger

Who is Julius?

After realising how much her phone was a haven for viruses and bateria to grow and never remembering to properly clean it, Julius founder, Michelle wanted to bring an easy cleaning solution into her home. After reading how effctive UV sterilisation is, and seeing first-hand how easy it is to clean not just her phone but the other commonly used (and never cleaned) items in her bag, Michelle wanted to make UV sterilisation available to her friends and familly too. Julius was born!

Julius is named after the German microbiologist Julius Richard Petri, who is credited with inventing the Petri Dish, used commonly in biology laboratories for growing bacteria and cultures.

At Julius, we want to keep you and your family safe from germs, bacteria and viruses.

Although we all may be staying at home right now due to COVID-19, we are still going out (at least in Australia) for groceries and exercise.

Essential workers are still heading to work and public transport is still running for travel when needed.

We are still coming into contact with germs that we bring back into our homes.

We are washing and sanitising our hands more than ever and making sure we’re not touching our faces. But what about our phones? And what happens when we take a call and put that petri dish in our pockets up to our face?

When you clean your hands, clean your phone too.

Stay safe and healthy.

Love Julius