Julius: UV Phone Sanitiser and Wireless Charger

Is my phone really that dirty?

Do you want the dirty truth? Your phone has more germs than your kitchen bench, is dirtier than your dogs bowl and yes, has more bacteria than a toilet seat!


We are so connected to our devices these days and the average person checks their phones 80 times a day! They accompany us on most everyday errands like going to the supermarket, we use them to play music while we workout, they entertain us while on public transport or in a waiting room.


You might think - I’m a clean person. My phone can’t be that dirty. But even as frequent hand-washers we are constantly touching things that aren’t regularly cleaned: cash, handrails, doorknobs, elevator buttons; and then touching our phones. 

You put your phone down in public places and then put it up to your face for phone calls. Your kids have your phone and it often ends up on the ground or in someone’s mouth (or both!). 

Although we are physically-distancing to avoid the spread of Covid-19, we still come into contact with surfaces and objects that others have touched. And we can’t trust that they’re all washing their hands properly. Coming into contact with germs on a daily basis is nearly impossible to avoid.

Common bacteria and viruses found on your devices that can make you sick include E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph, influenza (flu), and the common cold. These may cause ilness  like diarrhea, vomiting, food poisoning, skin infections, toxic shock or even flesh eating disease. 

A single germs can multiply to more than 8 million germs in 24 hours and some strains can survive on hard surfaces like your phone screen and case for days.

What can you do?

Cleaning devices after being in public is the best way to stay safe. Pop your phone on to clean when you return home and wash your hands thoroughly with soap and running water. This prevents transferring the germs between your hands and phone and potentially spreading to other surfaces or people in your home.

We recommend taking Julius with you to the office (if you aren’t working from home) or if you can’t take the device (or don’t have access to a usb port) and are somewhere you are particularly exposed to germs and bacteria take specially formulated phone cleaning wipes and use as often as you would use hand sanitiser. 

If you use contactless payment on your phone, avoid actually touching the EFTPOS machine and just hover above it. If you can use a smartwatch for payments and avoid taking your phone out at all that is better


We do want to make clear that Julius has not been tested on the COVID-19 virus. However it is preferential to reduce exposure to any bacterias that could impact your health and weaken your immune system.