Julius: UV Phone Sanitiser and Wireless Charger


Why should I clean my phone?

If you're like us, your phone goes pretty much everywhere with you! Even the bathroom (you know who you are!).

We wash our hands, our clothes, our homes. But we can't wash our phones. And it's not really obvious how to clean them at all, let alone effectively!

Germs and bacteria migrate from our hands and faces (and from the surfaces we put our phones on), onto our screens and into the crevices. When they don't get cleaned or wiped away, they multiply, encouraged by the warm, humid atmosphere. These germs get transferred back to our hands and faces. 

Bacteria and viruses are all around us, but it's when they enter the body through your nose, eyes and mouth that they can make us very sick.

The cleaner your hands are, the less chance you have of catching respiratory illnesses like colds and flus, or stomach bugs that cause food poisoning and diarrhea. Staphylococcus aureus can inhabit your phone’s surfaces and cause dangerous skin infections,

Phones should be cleaned so that they don’t become a breeding grounds and source for pathogenic bacteria.

Tell me more about UV-C technology.

The entire UV light spectrum works to kill or inactivate microorganisms and prevent them from replicating. Julius uses UV-C light in particular as it has the most germicidal effect. 

Two small bulbs at either end of the disinfecting chamber transmit a particular wavelength (253.70nm). The light wave alters the molecular bond of the DNA, preventing it from reproducing. The bacteria is still on the surface, but it becomes harmless as it cannot duplicate and eventually dies off. 

This is the same type of light used to disinfect water to make it safe to drink and in hospitals to sterilise medical tools.

UV technology doesn’t work well if there is too much solid dirt or oily stains and fingerprints. You will need to remove these first with a wipe suitable for disinfecting devices. The UV will then work effectively to kill the remaining bacteria on the surface and in the nooks and crannies.

How does Julius work?

Julius runs off a USB-C cable into the back of the device. Plug the other end into any suitable USB power socket.Then all you need to do is pop your phone in, shut the lid, press the cleaning button and 10 minutes later Julius will beep to let you know that the cleaning has finished.

If you need to access your phone while it is cleaning, just open the lid and Julius will switch off automatically. This prevents unnecessary exposure to the UV light which can damage the skin and eyes. When you pop it back in and close the lid it will start cleaning again.

You can also clean other everyday items that don’t get a regular wash like keys, cards, jewellery and watches, glasses, earbuds even your tv remote control. If it fits you can clean it!

Julius will also charge your phone, provided that your phone allows for wireless charging. Close the lid and put Julius on the top. Press the charge button and Julius will begin to charge your phone

Is Julius safe to use?

UV light should not be exposed to people, plants or animals as it can severely burn or even cause death. This device should only be used to kill germs.

Stay safe out there.

Will my phone fit?

The disinfection chamber is large and can accomodate most phones and their cases. Larger phones may need to be removed from their case. Tablets and larger phones will not fit. Check the dimensions below to ensure your phone will fit: 

Inner dimensions (mm): 180 long x 100 wide x 15 deep

If you are still not sure, feel free to contact us.

How do you dispose of Julius?

Dispose of Julius as you would any other e-waste. Contact your local transfer center or e-waste collector.


Any other questions, please Contact Us. We love to help!